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Kid2Pro Sports offers many ways to "take home the memory" of your event!

Please see our Photo Tab to find out how you can either pre order your team photo. These photo's are taken two ways. One way the team is smiling looking straight at the camera. The other way we call our "silly" photo's. We have the players and coaches make faces, muscles and do something silly. These photo's are a great way to add to your childs memory of playing at the stadium.

Please see our TShirt tab to find out how you can either pre purchase or order a shirt after your event already happened. Each shirt shows a picture and name of the stadium your child is playing at. In addition it says the year and your team name on the back of the shirt. They come in sizes from Youth Small to Adult 2x. Additional sizes are available- please call 732-501-1857 for more info

Want action shots of your child playing at the event? We have a fantastic professional photographer take photo's of every player during the first 4 innings of every game. These photo's can be purchased either at the event or afterwards online.


See you next season!

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