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Rockland Boulders Introduce Palisades Credit Union Park

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Clover Stadium




Clover Stadium is a first-class facility that acts as a gathering place for the community and provides a memorable entertainment experience. Conveniently located off exit 12 of the Palisades Parkway, it is situated on the top of a ridge overlooking the majestic Ramapo Mountains. It is the home of Rockland's New York Boulders, but it serves as a multipurpose venue that hosts local college, high school, and amateur baseball. In addition, numerous other bookings and programs such as community events and holiday celebrations are held there.  Palisades Credit Union Park is a regional asset unlike any minor league ballpark in the country.

Although the Boulders are an independent, professional baseball team, the facility was designed to meet the requirements for Minor League Facility Standards agreed upon by Major League Baseball and the Minor League Association.  The ballpark is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the Class A Category. 

Fans will enjoy the numerous amenities designed into the ballpark. The seating bowl features extra-wide 22" seats behind home plate and comfortable 20" seats in the remainder of the seating area between the foul poles.  Fans will also notice that it will be easier to see over the fans in front of them thanks to the extra 3' in height that has been added to each row...a feature unique to Clover Stadium Limited foul territory - home plate is only 49 feet from the backstop - places the fans right on top of the action!  A wide concourse revolves 360 degrees around the field and allows fans to stroll through numerous “neighborhoods” such as the Food Court and the BoulderBerg kids zone.

Upon entering Clover Stadium please be aware of your surroundings.  Balls, bats, and other objects may enter the stands at any time.  Please be aware of this during and after the play of the game.  If a problem should arise, please contact the nearest ballpark employee for assistance.

Per stadium policy, there are NO outside food or beverages allowed to be brought into Palisades Credit Union Park. If so, food and beverages will be discarded by the stadium security crew.

Nights game are available at this stadium for an addition cost- Please contact a representative for more details

Please click on the following link for directions and GPS address: https://www.nyboulders.com/directions



See you next season!

Clover Stadium
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