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“Fun” raising Add-on


Kid2Pro Sports offers "fun" raising options to help ease the costs associated with participating in something so far beyond the sandlot game.
We believe every kid would love to play in a big-league stadium and feel like the big-leaguer they are destined to be.
Of course, leasing the stadium and the associated costs can be beyond what some can comfortably afford.   We offer a Custom Ticket Fundraiser option to all teams.


  Call James at (732) 501-1857 for details.

  Allows teams to earn $5 (or more) per custom game ticket sold to fund their organization.

  Some teams have covered 100% of the cost to play.  It's up to you!!! 


Customized Game Ticket Fundraising Option Overview

 K2P will provide customized tickets for your fans to see their favorite team play on a pro field.
Your organization can sell customized admission tickets and raise money for your group.

  • Tickets cost your team $5 each and you can sell them for any amount -
  • (Most teams sell admission tickets for $10 each so they make a profit of $5 per ticket sold). 
  •  e.g. Sell 100 tickets (7 tickets per 15 player team) and your team earns between $500
  • Tickets are printed with your team colors and logo, if applicable
  • Tickets will have Dollar Amount, Stadium info, Game date & time printed on the ticket
  • Minimum 50 tickets required
Your risk is minimal. At the required 50 ticket minimum, players on a 12 player roster team would have to sell just 4 tickets each to cover your costs.  Most players are bringing 4 fans to the game anyway!
Ticket Return Policy: (If the team doesn't sell all custom tickets purchased for resale)
  • Teams are only responsible to pay $5 per ticket for each ticket sold. (50 Minimum)
  • We’re on your team!  Teams can return all unsold tickets at NO PENALTY beyond the guaranteed 50 ($250)
  • Every ticket, after the non-refundable first 50, purchased that is unsold can be returned to Kid2Pro at no penalty, regardless of the amount returned. 

Please email: James@ Kid2Pro Sports.comor call him at (732) 501-1857 for all the details and to book your fundraising package.


See you next season!

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